Why attend eHA2017?

Join us because eHealth is transforming health and healthcare.  It is vital that people share and learn from each other’s ideas and progress; this is where healthcare professionals, government leaders and industry stakeholders come explore tangible eHealth opportunities and eHealth excellence in Southern Africa.

eHealth is a HUGE topic.  eHA2017 builds on the success of last year’s events. It includes eHealth experiences from Africa and Southern Asia that Southern Africa can learn from. All these combine to add to your knowledge of eHealth and its impact on healthcare transformation and will empower you to advance eHealth in the region by showcasing proven strategies, best practice and real-world learning to realise measurable benefits for patients, communities, clinicians, and healthcare as a whole.

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Pre-Conference Seminars
25 Sep - 1 Oct 2017

Seminars before the conference led by our conference partners, have been carefully selected to help participants become better leaders and implementers of eHealth

Main Conference
2 - 4 Oct 2017

It cuts across a very wide range of eHealth themes including eHealth strategy and technicalities. The two-and-half day programme has expert panels, plenary discussions and breakouts. They’re your opportunities to engage with eHealth leaders.

Post-Conference AeF Forum
5 - 6 Oct 2017

Post-conference African eHealth Forum discussions will highlight themes that emerged during the conference and collaborate on an action plan for African Ministries of Health

Who should attend eHA2017?

eHA2017's wide range of eHealth themes means it serves many needs. People who should be there include:

Hospital and primary care doctors and other healthcare professionalsPublic health specialistsPatient groupsHealth and healthcare policy-makers, strategists and plannersInformatics specialistsHealth analytic specialistsICT professionals• Cyber-security managerseHealth programme and project managersICT suppliersICT developersMedical device developers and suppliersCyber-security supplierseHealth consultants.


Thought leaders and visionaries in their fields, coming together under one platform to share their knowledge and experiences.

Meet them all

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